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TEL: 03-6423-2838 

3-30-13 Nishi Kojiya Otaku Tokyo

TEL: +813-6423-2838 (Oversea) 

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HISAYO'S INN is located 15 minutes from Haneda International Airport in the shortest possible.  
It's easy to get famous sight seeing spots like Asakusa or Yokohama without transfer by public transportation.
We provide a relaxing space for our guests leaving for overseas or coming to Japan. 
When you open the door, you can experience the good old days of Japan.

We will support your trip

from local to famous sight seeing areas.

HISAYO'S INN is located 15 minutes from Haneda International Airport in the shortest possible.  

HISAYO'S INN is convenient location to midtown Tokyo, Yokohama, Kamakura and so on.

Limousine buses from Haneda Airport take you to various sightseeing areas like Mt. Fuji station.

Covid-19 has spread all over the world now.

I hope people, who are infected Covid-19, will get well soon.

May people, passed away caused of Covid-19, rest in peace.

I sincerely hope to welcome you again during Cherry blossoms season one day when the virus ends or we, human beings, decide to live with the virus.

Wish you all good health and happiness.

Please make sure to continue doing through prevention.

​HISAYO'S INN has 3 rooms.
The maximum capacity is 9 people.
Please contact us if you wish to rent a single building.
Please contact us if you wish to reserve a female dorm room (friends and family include male).
Please be assured that there will be nighttime staff when renting a single building.
We look forward to hearing from you.


HISAYO'S INN is located 5 minutes from Otorii station West exit. 
Please come along the guide to Hamatake Library.  HISAYO'S INN is in front of Hamatake Library.


We do not have parking lots.  
There are some coin-operated parking spaces, but not many spaces. 
We kindly ask you to refrain from driving here.